BT Contact Number: 0800 800 151

Contact BT UK customer care by dialling 151 for free from your handset or call their freephone number 0800 800 151 if you are a member of a another telephone service provider.

BT, which used to be known as British Telecommunications, is one of the largest landline and broadband providers operating in UK and the world. They have been around since 1969 and they certainly wasted no time in expanding their network and reach. Furthermore they have a strong international presence which is testament to the developments in their home WiFi, television and sports broadcasting services.

Domestically, BT is the apparent king of telecommunications, having sole ownership over Openreach which in turn is responsible for maintaining the internet infrastructure in the coutnry. They have even bought out the EE mobile phone network, which already bought out T-Mobile and Orange. As such their superiority is recognised by both their competition and their customers. As aforementioned they provide some of the fastest broadband download speeds available and they also offer TV, landline and sports broadcasting services.

Phone BT

To report a fault with BT services you can contact them by dialling their freephone nuumber 151 on your BT line. If you’re calling from another telephone network then phone them on 0800 800 151 for free.

Alternatively if you are a business customer, then dial 154 to discuss your company’s landline and broadband connections. If you’re calling from another network, then contact them on 0800 800 154 or 800 800 154 if you’re on a mobile.

It doesn’t matter that BT may be the biggest telecommunications or the fastest broadband internet provider in the UK as there will still be a few times when you will experience faults with the service that they provide. When this happens you can always call their direct head office helpline by dialling 0207 356 5000 from your BT landline.

Contact BT Online

If you’re already a BT customer and you are experiencing some faults with their products and services, then you can check out their online help page here:

You can select the particular service that you currently have concerns with from an intuitive menu. After selecting a product or service, you’ll be able to read articles and watch videos that may help you troubleshoot your problems. If you are unable to solve the technical issue yourself you will also be able to request an engineer call-out.